Aquatic programming

Valleycrest Aquatic Association membership

What to know:

The Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough owns the Valleycrest pool.

The Borough has appointed two service providers:

  • Sportmax is in charge of the public swim offerings
  • The Valleycrest Aquatic Association offers programs and activities (including competitive teams)


Valleycrest Aquatic Association memberships do not include any public swim membership. Those who wish to attend public swim must purchase a membership from Sportmax, even if the team & program activities take place at the same location.

For all questions concerning activities organized by the Valleycrest Aquatic Association, including teams and courses, please consult their Facebook page.

Private Lessons

Sportmax offers private swimming lessons for personalized instruction to achieve specific swimming goals & objectives.

Private lessons are in no way linked to the Valleycrest Aquatic Association. They are managed entirely by Sportmax and are open to all.

How much does it cost?

  • $150 + tax, for 5 lessons of 30 minutes
  • $32 + tax, for a single lesson of 30 minutes

How to reserve a private lesson?

Complete the request form

No applications will be accepted at the pool.

The coordinators will contact you to book your course, subject to availability. To confirm your reservation, you will need to pay the registration fee.